Frequently Asked Questions

Our workforce has been building mobile and desktop applications, websites and web services for several years in may companies. We know how things work and how to get things done.

We can also scale with your needs. We have structured the workforce so you can access an on-demand expert in their field and pay only for the time they spend on your work request. You will not find this anywhere else without going through large efforts of bidding or contracts or monthly retainers. Agency Portal Services is literally a pay-as-you-go workforce at your beck and call.

We believe memberships are another term for family! There should never be a cost for joining family.

We offer two types of memberships:
A Buyer Membership for those that are looking for technical or creative resources.
A Seller Membership for IT professionals and creatives that would like to select jobs they are certified to work on.

At Agency Portal Services (APS), we take a flexible approach to development and are able to work either as the sole project team or by sharing our expertise with an existing team.
The APS system is built on the concept of small increments of work, identified as a Work Request. This would be called a task or item in other systems such as Basecamp, Redmine or MS Project. Let’s face it, a large project is built with many small increments of work. By detailing these small increments of work, you are able to delegate work across many resources and many time zones. Projects are completed much faster due to the delegation of work and smaller increments of work are more easily verified by your team.

Our aim is to fit in seamlessly with your organisation’s approach. We provide a simple, yet powerful system that allows you to communicate directly with one or multiple skilled people to accomplish the Work Request.

Our IT developers and creative designers are used to working remotely using Skype, Google Hangouts and video conferencing. That is why we built it into our system.

We believe that good communication is vital for a project’s success.

In our view, this attitude has made a key contribution to our having had many satisfied customers.
With every project we take the utmost care to ensure that our work is of the best possible standard.

Git, GitHub, and GitLab are the tools that we use to work with source code.

We want you to be able to communicate with us quickly so we can get things done quickly. Podio empowers us to communicate with you in a timely, real-time manner without wasting time planning and sitting through phone calls and meetings. All communication is stored and tracked within the Work Room identified for the Work Request. It’s like going back to the same office with the paper trail just as you had left it. Of course, you will also get a daily report via email of what has transpired on your Work Requests.
We have found that if a worker is treated well, then the worker enjoys putting out a great effort. Here at Agency Portal Services we find no good reason that a worker should not be remunerated as soon as possible. This is why our associates are paid once a week for the time you have approved during their prior week’s efforts.
We are always looking for the best talent available, part-time or full-time.
If you think you’d be a good addition to our team and love working with awesome customers, register here and we’ll talk. There will be a certification process for any workers in our system. This will not cost you anything and will ensure that we only have certified workers in our system.
It is simple. You will see the progress of your work requests in our platform. This will report to you the time entries that you have approved, and those waiting. At the end of a Work Request, when YOU accept it as complete, then we raise an invoice and send it through your Paypal or Stripe account (or other account under agreement) for processing. This keeps your account up-to-date and keeps our relationship with you clean.
No, you pay only for a work request completed to your satisfaction and approved by you. We call this the ‘Sweet Satisfaction’!
No, we don’t have any fees. The only cost is the fee that Paypal will take out of the monies passing through their system.
We keep it simple. When you create a Work Request, you will also estimate a bucket of hours. To accept the Work Request, the worker must agree that their ‘gut feel’ is that they will be able to perform the work within, or close to, your estimate. If the two of you align and the work is successfully completed within reason to the estimate of hours – you will approval the worker’s time entries and, upon user acceptance that the Work Request is complete to your satisfaction, your Paypal account is charged the total minutes (at the agreed to flat rate) spent on your Work Request.

Simple. You estimate. You approve time entries. You accept the completed Work Request.

Every worker has undergone Agency Portal Services Certification for their identified expertise. This guarantees you that if you need an expert in WordPress, you will only get experts in WordPress accepting your Work Request.
Many of our workers have other certifications that they keep up on their own, such as: MCP, MCPD, MCSD, MCSA, MTA, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Umbraco – just to drop a few credentials.
  • Because Agency Portal Services platform is powered by Podio. This allows us to have a real-time or near real-time support conversation.
  • For technical support: the APS Support Team is standing by, ready for you to raise a question in the chat feature or @mention them in a comment.
  • For account, payment, or general concerns: the APS Happiness Team is standing by, ready for you to raise a question in the chat feature or @mention them in a comment.
The APS Support Team is standing by, ready for you to raise a question in the chat feature or @mention them in a comment.
The APS Happiness Team is standing by, ready for you to raise a question in the chat feature or @mention them in a comment.
Resolution will happen as soon as possible, sometimes in near-real-time, but we always try to get resolution within 48 hours.