About Us

Agency Portal Services was founded in 2011 in an effort to address the ever growing demand for on-demand labor. The industry answered this demand through the outsourcing model. This came fraught with pros and cons. The labor was less expensive, but then there was little to govern the quality of work.

Our Core Values

We Pursue Excellence

The founder of the company, and now CTO, Troy Reiber has been in the technical field for 25 years. As a Software Engineer and Solutions Architect, Troy has brought many great products to market. He has supported the US troops with his technological solutions to bring real-time data stateside for assessment. His team had received the ‘Hammer Award’ from then vice president  Al Gore for the reinventing government initiative.

We Practice 24/7

Agency Portal Services answered the call. Beginning by placing a governance on the quality of labor, Agency Portal Services quickly grew to becoming known as “the company that can get work done tonight”.  Our client’s now enjoy a skilled workforce that are available 24/7; a workforce that can be trusted to complete the work in a timely manner and to the client’s satisfaction.

We Build Teams

Troy had led many great teams and was impressed with the amount of work that can be accomplished if the work was divided properly and with proper processes in place. 

We Create Visions

With the coming of video conferencing and the advancement of real-time communication, it became apparent that a team can be comprised of a global workforce, accomplishing tasks in near real time.  This became the vision, the model and eventually the platform that is now in place for Agency Portal Services.